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Active For Life

Our active for life program welcomes adults and teens from all backgrounds, ages, skill levels, athletic abilities, and sport experience. Goals for this program include increasing physical fitness, social participation, 

application of gymnastics to life experience, and creating a desire to remain active for life.

Teen Gymnastics 

*Athletes Aged 14 to 18, 1.5 hours

Our Teen Gymnastics program allows young adults to develop gymnastics skills and abilities in a safe environment. This is a structured gymnastics program but also allows for some freedom of choice in skill and physical development.


Adult Gymnastics

*Athletes Aged 18+, 1.5 hours

Our Adult Gymnastics program allows Adults to develop physical fitness, gymnastics skills, and flexibility in a safe environment. At Pulsars we recognize that adults have varying skill levels and capabilities. Our coaches develop multiple programs with varying intensity making our program accessible for everyone. 


A nutrition plan is available upon request. Enrolment allows you to book a session with our in house trainer at a reduced price. 

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