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Mission &


Our Mission Statement

To become a centre that will provide positive and diverse gymnastics services for children and youth in a safe and rewarding atmosphere through the delivery of quality programs.

Our Vision

To become a leader in the physical development of children in Ontario in order to serve as a model club across Canada.

Our Values

  • Excellence In Everything We Do.

  • Accountability to our Membership

  • Participation Opportunities to All Our Members.

  • A Safe, Healthy, Harassment Free Environment For all Gymnastics Participants.

  • The Benefits of Participation in Gymnastics.

  • Quality, Certified, Ethical Coaches and Judges.

  • Fair Play and Adherence to the Spirit of the Rules

  • Recognition of the Contributions of our Volunteers and Staff

  • A Transparent and Progressive Organization.

  • Celebration of Successes.

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